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Care and Cleaning Guide - Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags by In The Bag


How to clean your waxed canvas and leather bag: 1. Shake or lightly brush off dried mud or dirt. 2. Use cold water applied with a sponge or soft brush. 3. If needed, mild bar soap, flake soap or saddle soap can be used for stubborn stains. 4. Gently massage the surface to be cleaned. 5. Rinse with cold water. 6. Let the bag air dry.

NEVER do the following:  Never wash your bag in the washing machine.  Never use warm or hot water to clean it.  Never have it dry cleaned.  Never use detergent, solvent or starch.

R E-W A X I N G Y O U R B A G :

Depending on how much hard use your bag gets, at some point you may consider re-waxing it. Waxing will keep your canvas weatherproof and help it last a lifetime. This can be done professionally or at home.

Here is how to do it properly: 1. Only wax the outside of the bag. Do not wax the inside. 2. Use a wax made for this purpose only. 3. Ensure bag is clean and dry. 4. Lay as flat as possible using on a table or ironing board. 5. If the wax isn’t soft enough, warm it slightly by submerging the container in warm water. 6. Using a soft cloth to apply a small amount of wax, rub down the entire bag as evenly as possible with broad even strokes. Think of it as a bar of soap. The pressure and friction will heat the wax so it’s spreadable and transfers easily onto the fabric. 7. Warm the newly waxed bag with a hair dryer or let it sit in the sun so the wax can penetrate the canvas. 8. Once the wax is smooth again, use your hands to work the wax in again. 9. Repeat if necessary, but don’t overdo it. A little is all you need. 10. Finally, hang your bag in a warm, dry room for 24-48 hours. This will “cure” the fabric so it stays waterproof without being wet and heavy.

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