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History of Waxed Canvas


History of Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags

At In The Bag, we love waxed canvas! It is a durable, beautiful fabric with superior qualities and a great history. Waxed canvas is gaining popularity as a modern fabric which can last a lifetime.

Waxed canvas was originally used in Scotland, and was a favorite material for sailors. Its use began on clipper ships where sailors would make waterproof garments out of ruined flax sails rubbed with linseed oil. These waxed canvas garments were soft, lightweight, and would protect their skin from the harsh conditions at sea.

By the mid-1800s, a Scottish manufacturer began making waxed cotton canvas sails for the British fleet. These sails were stronger, lighter and more waterproof than the flax sails they replaced. Before long, fishermen and sailors were wearing clothing made from this superior fabric.

In the early 1900s, linseed oil was replaced with paraffin wax, which did not harden and crack with age. This resulted in it becoming popular with farmers, outdoorsmen, the military, and motorcycle riders.

There is a new renaissance of popularity in the use of waxed canvas in bags and clothing which wear better, last longer, and become more beautiful as they age. The canvas will develop a beautiful patina (like leather) as it wears over time, bringing out the unique character of the fabric.

Our lunch bags are made from 16 ounce waxed canvas, and are available in 6 beautiful colors. For more information, please visit our website: https://www.inthebagshop.com/