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These Bags will Last a Lifetime!

WAXED CANVAS EXTERIOR (16 oz) - There is a renaissance of popularity in the use of waxed canvas which wears better, lasts longer, and becomes more beautiful as it ages. The canvas will develop a beautiful patina (like leather) over time. Available in 6 Beautiful Colors – Every Friend or Family Member can Enjoy a Different Color!

GREAT HISTORY - Originally used in Scotland and Britain on clipper ships, sailors would make waterproof garments out of sails rubbed with linseed oil. These waxed canvas garments were soft, lightweight, and would protect their skin from harsh sea conditions. In the early 1900s, linseed oil was replaced with paraffin wax, which did not harden and crack with age. This resulted in it becoming popular with farmers, outdoorsmen, the military, and motorcycle riders

LEATHER STRAP HANDLE - Top Grain Leather Carrying Strap is Stylish and Makes the Bag Easy to Carry

BRASS SNAP CLOSURE - Keeps Bag Closed and Your Items Secure

POLYESTER LINING - Provides a Clean Soft and Comfortable Interior Surface to Protect your Favorite Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Items.

SPACIOUS INTERIOR - Room for a Large Lunch and Snacks to Keep You Fueled Throughout Your Day

Simple Yet Elegant Design - Take Your Lunch in Style


Save the Environment by Reducing Waste with this Eco-Friendly Bag


Save Money by Ditching those Weak and Soggy Paper Bags


Makes You Happy Every Time You Use It


Great Gifts for Friends and Family – Everyone Can Enjoy a Different Color!


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